Head of the Department 

Dr. Abdulrahman Saad Al Thaqfan 

On behalf of my colleagues and my own, it is my pleasure to extend my warm welcome to all visitors of the website of the Department of Computer Science and Information Systems, NU College of Computer Science, hoping to find worthy information on the department and its interests.

   The Department of Computer Science has succeeded in graduating skillfully and scientifically qualified male and female students with satisfactory competence in various fields of computer in the labor market.

 The Department of Computer Science includes elite faculty, lecturers and teaching assistants, who have devoted their efforts to elevate the level of the Department on a national and a global scale since the establishment of the university.

     Besides, the Department is keen to achieve the academic quality and continual development of the learning process according to the global standards, depending on intensive efforts of the staff of the department, seeking to obtain  academic accreditation for a program of Computer Science  either at a national level (NCAAA) or an international level (ABET).

           Thank you for your visit of the website of the Department of Computer Science and we are pleased with your contact and suggestions.