Mission of Computer Science Department 

             To provide quality education through a well-designed computer science curriculum that equips students with the requisite knowledge and interpersonal skills. 

Goals of Computer Science Program

                                     (1) To enhance students computing capabilities by acquiring fundamental knowledge and concepts of computer science. 

                                     (2) To prepare students for job market by strengthening their project design and implementation skills.   

                                     (3) To foster students professional skills by promoting team work and ethical responsibility.

                                     (4) To encourage students for continuously attaining knowledge of computer science through higher education and emerging new technologies.

Program Educational Objectives of Computer Science Program

                                   (1) Graduates will have a successful career in the computing field and capable of leading, design, develop and maintain the projects related to computer science.

                                   (2) Graduates will be skilled to function professionally within the team and a sense of ethical responsibility in their endeavours.   

                                   (3) Graduates will be engaged in improving their skills and adopt new technologies through lifelong learning.