Vice Dean for Academic Affairs
Dr. Mohammed M. Aseeri


Currently, the college consists of two departments (Computer Science and Information Systems) offering programs in computer science and information systems respectively. The study plans for every graduation program has been very carefully framed to address the most recent development, and attention is dually given to both theory and practice. Computer Science program aims to prepare students to become specialists in this vital area and award students a bachelor degree in Computer Science, whereas  Information Systems prepare students  to fill the needs of the local labor market and also contribute to the development of scientific research in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. In addition to the currently offered programs, a plan to expand its program offerings to include new programs such as computer engineering and networks at the bachelor level.  

Moreover, inline with university strategic mission which emphasizes on the importance of quality of academic program, the college has endeavored to assure the quality of its academic program by taking a number of major decisions. In this respect, the college established a quality assurance unit which works cooperatively with the university rectorship of development and quality to establish and disseminate quality culture and practices in every aspects of academic programs.  In a major step, the college has initiated ambitious goals to obtain academic accreditation for its academic programs form the National Commission for Assessment and Academic Accreditation(NCAAA) and the worldwide recognized Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET).

Research contribution is one of the cornerstone goals of the college. Presently , the college funds research projects and active research groups that are contributing quality research. These research groups have set and defined objectives to conduct research on various domains that includes data mining and artificial intelligence, software engineering, knowledge management, intelligent systems and robotics. Moreover, the college has provide excellent infrastructure in the form of building and space, library, computing facility with the help of a huge number of latest generation computers in a number of PC Labs, very fast accessible networks.

I invite you to visit the college of Computer Science and Information Systems campus or website to explore opportunities at our college.