Academic Advising Unit is working for the development of the services to meet the needs of students and making these services available to them for using in the development of their personalities and skills in various fields, and to seek a high level of provision of such services consistent with the aspiration of College of Computer and Information Systems at the Najran University.
Objectives of Academic Advising
1. To open a file for students which contains a biography of the student during his studies at the university (student behavior during the study, Students activities, Students marks, etc.), through this file the College can make assessment of the students and find appropriate solutions problems face by them.
2. To help students by planning an educational program consistent with their interests and abilities and needs of the labor market.
3. To encourage outstanding students to further their successful and directing them toward their abilities and their potential investment in areas to achieve excellence in all aspect of their career.
4. To advise students on the selection of courses appropriate for their level and abilities.
5. To study the default student status to assist them for achieving the desired success, and to help them to overcome the obstacles and problems they face, and keep the students on their plan.
6. To measure and diagnosis of the weaknesses in basic skills that obstruct student achievement.
7. To identify personal problems and obstacles that prevents the student's ability on educational attainment and help to resolve them.
8. To guide students to understand University policies and procedures.
9. To remind the students regarding academic events (registration, addition, deletion, etc ....)
10. To raise awareness among students regarding the importance of the Committee and its role in bringing the student on track in his university studies, and to encourage them to review the Student Handbook.
11. To help students to know their rights and responsibilities.
12. To help students to nominate in order to participate in the Student Council.