Head of Department

Dr. Mana Saleh Alreshan

Praise due to Allah alone, and peace and blessing be upon his prophet, Mohammed, and upon his family and companions.

It is my pleasure to welcome you in the website of Information Systems Department at the College of Computer Science and Information System (CCSIS) at Najran University. Computing Technology constitutes an integral part of the life of human beings, nowadays.  For that reason, Najran University, represented by the CCSIS, has established the Information Systems Department from the early days of its initiation.

The Information Systems Department has equipped our graduates with the knowledge in Computer Sciences and information Systems theory, in addition to the strong practical background. This role is aligned with the education, research, and community service strategy of our department.

In order to guarantee our education process is on the right path, our department has applied the best procedures and practices for quality assurance and continuous improvement, and it is my pleasure to say that the department is on track to get accredited by NCAAA and ABET. Moreover, we take it very earnestly in hiring the best qualified people to join our teaching and administrative staff.

I wish that you find complete answers for whatever questions you have regarding our department, and it is always an honor to serve you.