Department of Information Systems


The major of information systems aims to provide students with the necessary knowledge for a career in the fields of Computer Information Systems (CIS) and programming project management, which involve the development and integration of multi-purpose systems. The importance of this major stems from the fact that development of systems builds on a combination of theory and practice, which have to be founded on sound background and methods in the fields dealing with IT.


Department Goals

1) To establish a scientific, research-oriented environment that helps develop the knowledge and skills of the faculty of the department.

2)  To encourage high-quality scientific research in the field of information systems.

3) To create qualitative and quantitative standards to assess the quality of the educational process and ensure the accomplishment of departmental goals.

4) To perform periodical assessment of departments and programs using global quality standards in order to obtain academic accreditation for the department.

5)  To create an educational system that keeps pace with the continuous developments in the field of IT.


Program Offered


Currently the Information Systems program is offered by the department.


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