Students - College of Computer Science & Information Systems

Student Administration

Najran University aimed to provide quality student administration and support services to one of its major constituent, the Student. Students get these services from both institution level and program level. At the institution level, the students services are supported by six Deanships, namely:

  • The Deanship of Admission and Registration
  • The Deanship of Community Service and Continuing
  • EducationThe Deanship of Student Affairs
  • The Deanship of Libraries Affairs
  • The Deanship of E-Learning and
  • The Deanship of Postgraduate Studies


These Deanships are monitored by Deputy Rector of the University and is governed by the Vice Rector. These Deanships delegate corresponding responsibilities to the colleges through the Vice Dean for Academic Affairs. Students can directly contact these six deanships on some of the activities when needed. The responsibilities and regulations at these Deanships are written and approved by various authorities, including the Council of Higher Education, University Council. Some of these services and regulations are approved internally by the Rector, Vice Rector, or the related Dean.

At program level, major student support services are provided by College's three internal units namely

  • Academic Advising unit
  • Alumni unit and
  • Student Committee of the college of Computer science and Information Systems (CSIS).