College of Computer Science and Information Systems-Female Section



The College of Computer Science and Information Systems aims to educate generations, who contributes to the development of the society. The College includes the Department of Computer Science as the first department established in the female section. College is planning to establish new department  specialized in information systems.

The College offers a bachelor's degree in computer science. It also allows whose who have a diploma in computer from the community college to complete their studies and earn a bachelor's degree in computer science by joining a special program called (the Bridging Program).

The college seeks to qualify students for obtaining higher professional standards and mastering variety of computational skills. Therefore, the College has been keen to include a number of female faculty members with experience and proficiency, who graduated from different  universities in many countries such as the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, Sudan, India, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia. This diversity will contribute in developing and improving the scientific level of female students.

The College aspires to be centre of excellence in the field of technology and leader in scientific research. It also aspires to compete others with achievements of its alumni, who will be effective in developing our country.