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البحوث المنشورة - College of Computer Science & Information Systems

البحوث المنشورة


A New Approach for Backhauling  MIMO Wireless Signal over Passive Optical Networks for Next Generation Mobile and Access Networks


A reliable connectivity restoration technique for wireless sensor networks


A Study for the Relationship between Digital Empathy and Well-being Issues in Social Media Saudi Arabia Context


Adaptive and Intelligent Secure System to Detect Cyber Attacks in SDN Using Machine Learning


An effective method of academic advising through e-learning on emergencies circumastances like Coronavirus, or war events, Najran university as a case study


Analysis and Recommendations for Starting a New Postgraduate Computer and Engineering Programs


Attitude Toward Adopting Cloud Computing in the Saudi Banking Sector Investigation of influential Factors


CollDroid A Collaborative Framework to Detect Android Malicious Applications Based on Blockchain Technology


Deep Learning for Event Detection in Social Media


Development of Advanced Fire Detection and Alarm System for Integrated Buildings


E-learning Capability of Improving Student Learning Outcomes in Computer Science


Fuzzy Logic and Modified Butterfly Optimization with Enhanced Elliptic Curve Digital Signature Algorithm based on Fault detection for Secured Fault-Tolerant Routing in Wireless Sensor Networks


Implementation of Distributed Controllers for Reliable SDN Networks




Intelligent Agent as a Counterterrorism Tool for Social Media


Towards a model for teaching cyber security in all university majors, Najran university as a case study


Towards Intelligent Healthcare Systems Investigating Cancer Disease in Saudi Arabia via Machine Learning Approaches


الاستكشاف المعرفي في الطب - التنقيب في الاثار الجانبية للأدوية المضادة للتشنجات من مراجعات المرضى على الانترنت


التنفيذ التكيفي لإطار المصادقة الآمن في شبكات WBAN باستخدام القياسات المتعددة لمنع الهجمات الإلكترونية


الطرق المعتمدة على تحليلات البيانات لتوجيه اتخاذ القرارات في البرامج الاكاديمية



أبحاث COVID-19

Anew approach based on social insect inspiration to reduce of COVID-19 spreading


A Study of The Impact of COVID19 on the Emergency Managagmet Resources in Saudi Universities


Using eLearning for Emergency Online Teaching in Two Different Crises War Case and COVID19 in Saudi Arabia


Assessment of Learning Outcomes during emergency online teaching due to COVID-19


Creating an Engaged Interactive Instruction in Covid-19 E-learning Era to Achieve Exemplary Students' Performance in Computer Science Virtual Classrooms


Tele-COVID A Telemedicine Architectural Design for C0VID 19 Patients