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Computer engineering is a concept or a system combining the elements of electrical engineering and the basics of computer sciences. Computer engineering was considered to be like the electrical engineering that is supported by software engineering and linkage between hardware and software; but with time, computer engineering has been separated to become an independent engineering with its own characteristics, because it is more relevant to software than to electronics.

Historic overview:

After the discovery of digital circuits and the implementation of logical basics and the wide availability of digital computers, the American Universities decided in the 1970's to create the major of computer engineering in order to specialize in digital circuits as well as to have knowledge in mathematics and other sciences just like other engineering types, until computer engineering has developed and has became relevant to computer sciences.

Can We Compare Computer Engineering with Computer Science?

It is difficult to compare engineering with science. Engineering means controlling, measuring and designing in a specific filed, while science means knowledge and theories in a specific field.

Computer science considers computer as a tool to fulfill theories and concepts, while computer engineering considers computer as an electronic device. Therefore, electrical or electronic engineering is the most relevant to be compared with computer engineering. Electronic engineering focuses on electrical circuits based on a physical perspective, while computer engineering concentrates on electrical and digital circuits based on a programming perspective.

That's why a significant importance in Saudi Arabia has been given to computer technology and its use as main tool in the modernization of industry, as well as the governmental and commercial systems in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The Department of Computer Engineering aims at preparing and graduating specialist engineers in various fields of computer engineering and telecommunication, who are able to enhance and keep pace with the rapid development taking place in the Kingdom in terms of computer technology and to use it locally in order to meet the needs of the labor market.

What are the Branches of Computer Engineering?

After the enormous development it witnessed, computer engineering has taken root in digital circuits and their programming in many aspects. The hardware has become the target of computer engineering.

Below are the important branches of computer engineering:

Computer Architecture
Digital Design 
Computer Networks
Data Communication