Our History - College of Computer Science & Information Systems

لمحة تاريخية


The College of Computer Science and Information Systems at Najran University was established in 1427H starting with only two department: the Department of Computer Science and Information Systems. In a few years, the College expanded its number of programs in the field of computer and information technology to participate in building a strong local industry market, to keep up-to-date of technological developments, and to meet the requirements of higher education in our country.

The Computer Science and Information System field is considered one of the modern and renewable specialties. It plays an important in building modern societies with strong economies and can help in advancing the country rank placing it among the industrialized and technical countries of the 21st century. Furthermore, it is one of the most innovative and fast-changing scientific fields that assists professionals to be familiar with ever changing technical information.

Acting diligently based on motivations mentioned above, the faculty of Computer Science and Information Systems College at Najran University seeks to place the College among the leading colleges in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Doing so can only be achieved by its active contribution in providing graduates with high academic capabilities in the fields of computer science and information systems. The College works to equip its graduates with adequate and appropriate information that help them pursue distinguished positions in organization related to specialization.  They also continue developing their knowledge to keep up with developments in the field as well as in the fields of scientific research. The College is also working toward reaching outstanding scientific research that support the priorities of the Kingdom in terms of scientific, industrial and economic fields as well as raising the artistic level of the technical community in the field of computer science.

The College of Computer Science and Information Systems has two active main departments: the Department of Computer Science and the Department of Information Systems. Moreover, there are two other departments in the process of establishment and students will soon can join them.