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students' Instructions for using computers and smart devices



  • No food and drinks are permitted inside the lab
  • The students are responsible for their personal belongings in the labs. The department is not for things that is lost or left unattended in the labs.
  • Cell phone should be switched off, in case of emergency, cell phone calls are to be taken outside the lab area by asking the permission from the lab instructor.
  • Downloading or installing programs are not permitted.
  • Students should never to attempts to move, add or change the cabling or any peripherals without permission of the lab supervisor/instructor.
  • Students are permitted to and should lock their computers if they need to step away for a short time. Students who will be away from their computers for more than 15 minutes should logout. Computers that are left locked for more than 15 minutes will be logged out, and any unsaved data will be lost.
  • Always ensure that you are correctly logged out before leaving the lab. You are responsible for any activity that occurs on a lab computer while your account is logged in.
  •  If the students encounter any problem in the lab, contact immediately the lab instructor or the lab supervisor.
  •  Students must commit to intellectual property rights and the use of licensed software only.
  • Students must not undertake any actions that would impact negatively on the performance of the device or exposed to viruses or make modifications to its components or tempered with.
  • Students must not use the device to spy and piracy internal or external monitor or other devices or skip stages of safety for other devices.
  • Students must protect their usernames and passwords and not be disclosed or shared with others.
  •  The computer and its accessories usage are exclusively limited for academic purposes.


  • Be familiar with the electrical and fire hazards associated with your work place.
  • Be as careful for the safely of others as for yourself.
  • Avoid bulky, loose or trailing clothes. Avoid long loose hair.
  • No one is allowed to enter in the area bare foot due to increased risk of electrical shock.
  • Avoid working wet hands and clothing.


  • When someone suffers series electrical chock, me be knocked unconscious.
  •  If victim is still in contact with electrical current, immediately turn off the electrical power source.
  • If you contact disconnect the power source, depress the Emergency Power Off switch.
  •   Do not touch a victim that is still in contact with a live power source, you could be electrocuted! Have someone call for emergency medical assistance immediately. Administer first-aid, as appropriate.


  • If an electrical fire occurs, try to disconnect the electrical power, if possible.
  • Push in the emergency Power Off button.
  • NEVER use water to extinguish electrical fire.